Open letter of SUBNOR to domestic and foreign public


The Alliance of Associations of the National Liberation War Veterans of Serbia Belgrade,
Savski trg 9, E-mail

Open letter of SUBNOR to domestic and foreign public

SUBNOR of Serbia as successor and follower of antifascism and freedom loving traditions addresses this letter to domestic and foreign public in conjunction with indications of possible legal rehabilitation of accomplices in war crimes committed by the Nazi occupiers of our Country in the World War II. Consequences of a shameful attitude of the present Government, hiding behind ostensibly independent Judiciary, will be far-reaching for the People and State of Serbia. Adjudication, i.e. amnesty of Chetniks’ commander Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic has already met condemnation in the neighborhood and can not be acceptable among European and overseas Allies who, side by side with Yugoslav Partizans from 1941 till 1945, crashed Hitler’s fascistic terror and terror of his obstinate and loyal local collaborators,

SUBNOR has often publicly cautioned that rehabilitation of this sort is in no way of just local impact in Serbia, because Prince Paul Karadjordjevich, Slobodan Jovanovic and General Dragoljub Mihailovic had Yugoslav functions  and were nominally involved in all of Yugoslavia. Decision thereof, especially military ones, and actions committed by Chetniks, left an indelible track of pain and suffering all over former Yugoslavia. This makes it clear that no Court of Law, no matter where or how really or presumptively independent, can decide meritoriously unless it consider overall situation in the territory of Yugoslavia (which is no more now) where such individuals committed despicable crimes against innocent people in conjunction with Nazi invadors or for their own sinister reasons.

Present day Authorities of Serbia, last few years, pushed for almost complete rehabilitation of Nazi-fascist quislings and collaborators during WWII.  Most of what respected Partizans did in their freedom fighting – and what not one history book repudiate – is now being pushed aside in Serbia. Brilliant star of the antifascist democratic World is now subject to transforming it into an appendix of the fascist encampment. While some countries of former Nazi-fascist block are trying hard to get rid of its stigma of the past, actual authorities of Serbia are imposing with zeal a fascist cover on it. What is pushing theme, what kind of instincts and whose interests, in such a morbid direction? Revenge of their children is not a reason good enough. Must be something in the nature of power itself, pushing the country on the side of defeated.

Actual authorities, with parties in power and in the opposition, push for rehabilitation of Chetniks and so called Yugoslav Army in motherland  – abandoned by the Allies and by the emigrant Government in London and by the King Peter II – are now reinventing history with no proves or evidence. All this is meant not to rectify eventual mistakes of the victors of the WWII but rather to satisfy some individuals for their good cooperation with outrageous fascist aggressors.

Not long ago were rehabilitated with fanfare Prime-Minister of the Yugoslav Government in exile Prof. Slobodan Jovanovich (not for his job of Prime Minister, but for something he had never been prosecuted even in post-WWII Belgrade).

Regent, HRH Paul Karadjordjevich, (indicted for turning the country towards Axes Powers and for the Pact with Hitler’s Reich in March 1941) was also rehabilitated post-factum and thus, implicitly, was also condemned the coup d’etat that repudiated traitors’  Pact with Hitler and thereby the Liberation War of the people of Serbia and Yugoslavia against Nazis.

So far still not rehabilitated among most important collaborators is the Prime minister of the quisling Government gen. Milan Nedich, commander of Chetniks Draza Mihailovich and the leader of the fascist movement Dimitrije Ljotich with his SDS (Serbian corps of volunteers), part of the Nazi SS. According to the media, it is just the matter of weeks or months when the authorities will announce this final act and thus take Serbia away into the camp of fascist countries of the WWII.


SUBNOR has incessantly warned that such is a loser’s politics but our protest and assessments had hardly any place within the media single-mindedness of Serbia. The media are more than ever an expanded arm of the authorities and ruling parties. We are convinced, however, that this is a misconception. They continuously publish “newely discovered documents and truisms” that are actually lies, while the retorting and trying of SUBNOR and citizens to get into polemics, ends in the trash basket, thereby imposing a wrong image of National liberation war of Partizans to the succeeding generations, on the operation of their members and on the role of the invaders, quislings and collaborators. Their idea is to induce a false image of Serbian and Yugoslav war-time and post-war reality.

However, SUBNOR of Serbia and antifascist public are not helpless as is apparently believed by the present day regime. It has around 100 thousand active members, including veterans’ members of families, adherents and broad front of anti-antifascist associations and citizens of all generations.

It is expected that the voice of all antifascist forces in the country, ever stronger also in the EU, will be heard at the forthcoming general elections. Serbian respectful place for its struggle by Partizans in the WWII is secured and no government or ideologically colored processes and political decree can exclude Serbia from the family of Allied antifascist countries.

SUBNOR is determined to claim the safeguarding of the historic truth of the WWII from the anti-Hitler’s Allied Coalition who cherish tradition of freedom, from the organizations of Veterans of the world who are respectful of Partizans struggle, from the UN and the EU who have set criteria of antifascism. Against incomprehensible rehabilitations of Nazi collaborators in Serbia we shall addressed our claim to the Court in Strasbourg.

Prof. Miodrag Zecevic, Ph.D